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  1. Alexander Azarov   University of Oslo, Norway

      Radiation damage formation and annealing in ZnO

  2. Peter Bauer,  Dominik Goebl (replacement presenter)  Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz, Austria

      Quantitative analysis of nanometer layers by Low Energy Ion Scattering

  3. Hidde Brongersma   Calipso B.V., The Netherlands

      High-resolution in-depth analysis with Low-Energy Ion Scattering: experiments and simulation

  4. John Colligon   Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

      MAX phase coatings: production, properties and applications

  5. Bartlomiej Czerwinski   Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

      Cluster-induced sputtering and chemistry in carbon-based materials: a microscopic view

  6. Bhupendra Dev   Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India

      Ion irradiation and implantation effects in multilayer and multistripe systems

  7. Flyura Djurabekova   University of Helsinki, Finland

      Processing of insulators with and without nanoparticles by swift heavy ions

  8. Oscar Grizzi   Instituto Balseiro, CONICET, Argentina

      Ion scattering spectroscopy of self-assembled monolayers on surfaces

  9. Russell Gwilliam   University of Surrey, UK

      Ion beam processing for the production of Si based optical emitters

  10. Tokihiro Ikeda   RIKEN, Japan

      Application of ion microbeams through tapered glass capillary optics

  11. Akio Itoh   Kyoto University, Japan

      Collision experiments for biomolecules and liquid targets

  12. Platon Karaseov   St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia

      Influence of collision cascade density on damage formation in semiconductors

  13. Yoshiaki Kido   Ritsumeikan University, Japan

      Skimming effect on energy loss of medium energy He ions passing along major crystal axes

  14. Kenji Kimura   Kyoto University, Japan

      Surface structures of ionic liquids using high-resolution RBS

  15. Robert Kolasinski   Sandia National Laboratories, USA

      Low energy ion scattering as a probe of the atomic-scale behavior of hydrogen on surfaces

  16. Arkady Krasheninnikov   University of Helsinki, Finland

      Production of defects in graphene and inorganic 2D materials under electron and ion irradiation

  17. Christian Linsmeier   Forschungszentrum Julich, Germany

      Depth-resolved quantitative XPS analysis of oxygen ion interactions with a beryllium-tungsten alloy

  18. Katharina Lorenz   Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Portugal

      Ion implantation and rare earth doping of group-III nitride semiconductors

  19. Thomas Michely   University of Cologne, Germany

      Fluence, temperature and impurity dependence of ion beam induced pattern formation on Si(001)

  20. Alexey Mikhaylov   Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

      Ion-beam engineering of silicon-based nanomaterials

  21. Zoran Miskovic   University of Waterloo, Canada

      Dynamic polarization of carbon nano-structures by charged particles

  22. Vladimir Popok   Aalborg University, Denmark

      Cluster Ion Implantation and Radiation Damage in Graphite and Diamond

  23. Vladimir Popov   Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Russia

      Structure and properties of the ultrathin single crystal diamond membranes produced by ion implantation and lift-off technique

  24. Daniel Primetzhofer   Uppsala University, Sweden

      Electronic excitations in solids studied by time-of-flight medium-energy ion scattering

  25. Bernd Rauschenbach   Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification, Germany

      Ion beam sputtering induced nano-sculptured thin films

  26. Pierfrancesco Riccardi   University of Calabria, Italy

      High energy excited states of graphene on Ni(111) probed by secondary electrons

  27. Daniel Sanchez-Portal   Centro de Fisica de Materiales CSIC-UPV/EHU, Spain

      Energy loss in solids and nanostructures from TDDFT simulations

  28. Valeriy Smirnov   JSC "Wostec", Russia

      Wave-ordered structure induced by nitrogen ion beam on silicon surface: a self-forming hard nanomask and its applications

  29. Nikolay Sobolev   Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Russia

      Defect engineering in implantation technology of silicon light emitting structures

  30. Nikolai Sobolev   Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

      Radiation effects in quantum-size III-V semiconductor structures

  31. Elke Wendler   Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany

      Damage formation in ion implanted semiconductors at 15 K and its correlation with primary energy deposition and general material properties

  32. Helmut Winter   Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Germany

      Fully coherent scattering of fast atoms from surfaces

  33. Guosong Wu   City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

      Ion beam and plasma processing of biomaterials