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The Conference is over now.
Organisers are grateful to all participants for their attendance and their invaluable contribution to overall Conference success.
Thank you all and we hope to see you again at the next Conference: ISI-2015.

Preliminary Conference programme is now UPDATED and available to download in .pdf format. Or else you can find it in Downloads page of our website.

You are cordially invited to take part in and to contribute to the 21st International Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions (ISI-2013) that will be held from 22nd till 26th August 2013 in Yaroslavl (the ancient town of 250 km from Moscow).

The Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions 2013 (ISI-2013) is the 21st traditional conference in a series of biennial meetings promoting the growth and exchange of scientific information on the physics of atomic collisions with solids and related areas. The first conference was organized in 1971 by Ya. M. Fogel in Kharkov. Conferences were then held in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, and, beginning with 1991, in the town of Zvenigorod near Moscow.

The scientific program of the conference Ion-Surface Interactions includes the main aspects of this scientific discipline: ion scattering and penetration, sputtering and secondary ion emission, electron excitation, ion-induced electron, photon and X-ray emission, ion-assisted processes in thin films and nanostructures, radiation damage accumulation and plasma-surface interactions. Although the focus of the conference is on the fundamental aspects of these effects in theoretical and experimental research and computer simulation, presentations on process and device applications, particularly on surface analyses and modification, are welcome.

Organized and Sponsored by

Russian Academy of Sciences

"ROSATOM" State Nuclear Energy Corporation

Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow State University

St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

Russian State Aviation Technological University

Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials